How Proper Motorcycle Attire Can Help Protect You In An Accident


Our Tucson, Arizona Accident Lawyers Discuss The Benefits Of Proper Motorcycle Gear

Driving a motorcycle comes with several benefits: better gas mileage, cutting through traffic, and the simple enjoyment of the ride are among them. Unfortunately, traffic accidents tend to be more deadly for motorcycle riders. Therefore, it can be tempting to go without some advisable motorcycle attire due to Arizona’s scorching heat. Read on to learn more about how to protect yourself from injuries while riding a motorcycle in Tucson, Pima County, and throughout Arizona.

Accident Lawyers Discuss The Benefits Of Proper Motorcycle Gear In Tucson, AZ

Clothing That Can Reduce Injuries In a Motorcycle Accident

Some things you should wear while riding a motorcycle are specialty purchases. However, many things that can reduce the risk of injury in a motorcycle accident may already be in your closet. Closed toed shoes are preferable to open toed shoes while riding a motorcycle, but leather boots provide more protection than normal closed toed shoes. They provide protection not only for the foot, but the ankle and shin/calf area of the leg. Laced shoes create a risk of getting tangled in a motorcycle’s wheel.

While it may provide relief from the Arizona sun, a tank top and shorts won’t provide adequate protection in a motorcycle crash. A jacket, especially a jacket with padding, will cover more skin and thus provide more protection. Pants, especially in a strong material like denim, will provide extra protection as well. Failure to wear full pants and sleeves exposes you to the risk of road rash. This is a serious, painful injury that can result in permanent scars. Clothing in light, bright colors or with reflective coating makes it easier for other drivers to see you on the road.

Do Helmets Reduce The Risk Of Injury In Arizona Motorcycle Accidents?

Helmets reduce the risk of several types of injuries in motorcycle accidents, and they also reduce the overall risk of fatality. Additionally, helmets protect the skull, eyes, face, mouth, nose, etc. Also, helmets help prevent minor injuries, major injuries, as well as death in motorcycle crashes. In fact, helmets help to reduce the rate of head injuries in motorcycle accidents by a whopping 69%. Helmets help reduce motorcycle accident fatalities by 37%. Clearly, going without a helmet while riding a motorcycle isn’t worth the risk. The types of injuries that can be prevented by a helmet are devastating, if you survive them.

Common Types Of Motorcycle Accident Injuries In Tucson

Road rash is one of the most common types of motorcycle injuries. Road rash can also progress into skin infections if not treated correctly. The proper attire to prevent road rash injuries is described above.

Many motorcycle riders suffer fractures and broken bones as a result of traffic accidents. These are most common in the legs and feet. This is because motorcycles can tip over in an accident and crush the rider’s lower extremities. Even after completing treatment, these types of injuries may cause lingering pain and reduced mobility.

Riding a motorcycle instead of a typical automobile unfortunately increases the risk of spinal injuries in a Tucson motorcycle accident. In less serious cases, motorcycle injury spinal cases could mean temporary pain and difficulty walking. In more serious Tucson motorcycle accidents, it could mean permanent (or temporary) paralysis, also known as paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Another devastating type of injury that can occur in a motorcycle accident is a TBI, or traumatic brain injury. The risk for these types of injuries increases substantially when the rider fails to wear a helmet. Concussions are the most common example of a TBI, but severe trauma in an accident can be fatal. Even after recovering from a TBI, the patient may expect side effects like headaches, difficulty sleeping, nerve damage, and more. This is just another example of why it is so vital to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

In general, the more serious an accident, the more damages one would expect to see in a personal injury claim. However, there are several factors that will go into determining your claim’s value. The amount of time you miss from work is often significant damage in a personal injury claim, which can vary widely based on your income. Furthermore, if your motorcycle injuries are permanent, you will need to account for your future medical treatments in your demand. Pain and suffering, which represents the physical and mental distress you have felt due to the accident, can be a fiercely debated issue when represented by competent legal counsel. The amount you are entitled to collect can also be proportionately reduced based on your fault in causing the accident.

The best way to accurately estimate your claim’s value is by consulting with an experienced Arizona injury attorney. Contact our Tucson Injury Attorneys for a free case analysis of any accident or injury that occurs that is not your fault. Our experienced Tucson Accident Lawyers can help you navigate a settlement and deal with insurance companies on your behalf. Our trusted attorneys will help you get what is yours.

Additional Motorcycle Safety

One type of protection you may have not considered is hearing protection. Some motorcycle riders find it more comfortable to ride with earplugs and other devices used to block the loud sounds of the road. Face shields and sunglasses can guard against the sun’s rays, as well as keep bugs, dirt, and other debris out of your face. You may also choose to wear gloves to improve steering control and protect your hands. Helmets can come in options that either partially or fully cover the fact. Obviously, a full face helmet provides superior protection over a partial face helmet. You should also make sure that your helmet fits properly before riding. When a helmet is too small or large, your risk of injury increases in an accident.

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Despite taking all the available precautions, you may still find yourself injured after a traffic accident. The struggles and inconveniences of motorcycle accident injuries are substantial. Especially if your injuries require future medical care, it’s crucial that you receive every possible dollar out of your personal injury settlement. But the insurance companies aren’t going to give this away willingly. Thus, for high quality representation with knowledgeable and experienced Arizona injury lawyers, call our Tucson Accident Law Firm today for your free case evaluation. You will see for yourself why we are Tucson’s top choice for elite legal representation with reduced attorney’s fees.



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