If another party is responsible for causing a motorcycle accident, an injury victim is entitled to compensation. Injury Lawyers Tucson will ensure that your rights are protected, and that a successful personal injury claim is properly represented. Our legal team will recover the maximum compensation for all damages and losses due to injury. Victims of motorcycle crashes typically experience serious or catastrophic injuries. Riders are incredibly susceptible to injury. Wearing a helmet sometimes is not enough to protect a motorcycle rider from exposure in an accident. Recovering from a motorbike accident may be lengthy and expensive. Any accident injury has an impact on all aspects of a victim’s life: financial, personal, family, and professional.

Injury Lawyers Tucson legal team focuses on providing experienced legal representation for clients’ personal injury claim. This includes pursuing maximum compensation for all economic and non-economic damages. Schedule a free consultation and case review with an attorney at our firm. After discussing your potential case, a lawyer will help you answer any questions you may have regarding your accident claim and provide options and expert advice for your specific situation.

Injury Lawyers Tucson Investigates Motorcycle Crashes

Investigating a motorcycle accident case involves evidence. Our legal team will obtain these key elements to prove a legal motorcycle accident injury case. An investigation is necessary in order to obtain the evidence to prove that another party is responsible, or negligent for the accident. Proving another party’s liability requires evidence that our legal team acquires through investigation.

The investigation is complex. Often times, the cause of the collision is not obvious. The factors that caused the crash and who is liable for causing injury are determined through investigation. What factors contributed to the accident? Who is to be held responsible?

After thoroughly examining evidence and investigating the scene, an attorney at Injury Lawyers Tucson will gather evidence in order to prove a case. An investigation includes:

    • A visit to the accident scene
    • An analysis of the crash site
    • Obtaining all evidence of the accident (photos, videos)
    • Collecting witness statements, police reports, accident reports
    • Obtaining pictures from the accident scene (road signs, road conditions….)
    • Acquiring any evidence pertaining to the specific case
    • Record keeping of all damages
    • Gathering medical evidence of any injury
    • Consulting expert witnesses and crash scene investigators

How to determine negligence in a Motorcycle Accident

Arizona motorcycle crash statistics 2017 - chartIt is crucial to build a strong personal injury claim. To develop a solid case, all available evidence must be uncovered and examined by our attorney. Of course each case has its specific circumstances, and may take different forms.

There are many potential causes and different factors that could have caused the motorcycle accident:

  • Distracted Driving
    • Distracted driving is becoming a very common cause of accidents. Distracted drivers who are negligent for an accident must be held responsible and accident victims deserve compensation.
  • Driving while intoxicated
    • Intoxicated drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol cause severe accidents and serious injury.
  • Reckless Driving
    • Dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, fast lane changes, or tailgating can end in a collision.
  • Hazardous Roadways
    • Poorly maintained roads, potholes, shoulder drop-offs, or other dangerous road conditions may contribute to a motorcycle accident. Because of the instability of a motorbike with 2 wheels, hazardous roads are dangerous.
  • Defective Motorcycle Parts
    • If any part of a motorcycle malfunctions or proves to be defective, this involves the manufacturer as a liable party to an accident.

Again, many factors may have played a role in causing a motorcycle accident. In order to maximize compensation, an attorney will fully investigate and identify all factors that may have contributed to a crash and injury.

Motorcycle Accident Settlements

In your personal injury claim, a demand for compensation should include the full impact of your injuries. Injury Lawyers Tucson works with doctors to make sure that your injury type, which is central to your claim, will reflect current and future compensation. Injuries related to motorcycle crashes include:

  • Neck and Shoulder Injury
    • Damage to neck and shoulder (soft tissue injuries) can do permanent damage to range of motion or cause chronic pain.
  • Brain Injury
    • Traumatic brain damage or a head injury affects both physical and cognitive performance.
  • Spine Injury
    • A motorcycle collision can leave victims paralyzed or with chronic back pain. Sometimes ongoing medication is needed or special equipment and accommodations.
  • Burn Injury
    • Severe burns can not only affect nerve function, but they can permanently scar or disfigure an accident victim.
  • Broken Bones
    • Likely victims with broken bones or permanent loss of a limb will experience a lot of pain and suffering. Often the recovery and healing time may affect ability to work.
  • Organ Damage Injury
    • Damage to a vital organ is a  life-threatening injury can seriously compromise a victim’s health.
  • Emotional Trauma
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real and can affect a victim’s life like a physical injury.

Regardless of the severity of your injury, if your accident was due to the negligence of another party, you are entitled to claim compensation for damages.

Insurance Companies and your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Working with insurance companies may appear to be easy, especially if they want to offer a settlement quickly. It is in our clients’ best interest to let an attorney deal with the insurance company after an accident. With an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer negotiating and communicating with insurance companies, they are unable to take advantage of a victim.

Everyone involved in the motorcycle accident is evaluated for negligence. This is called comparative negligence. Percentage of fault is deducted from the overall settlement accordingly. An attorney will represent your claim to ensure that you are collecting a fair compensation.

Communicating back and forth with an insurance representative may be stressful and overwhelming and time consuming. Allow our law firm to use our legal experience to handle negotiating a settlement.

Recovering a Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident

As part of our expert legal services, Injury Lawyers Tucson personal injury attorney will assist you in every step of the legal process to recover a settlement for an injury due to a motorcycle accident. All negligent parties are expected to compensate a victim for all economic and non-economic damages. These damages include monetary losses and other losses that may not appear to have a dollar value (pain and suffering).

An Injury Lawyer Tucson attorney will help you to assess what your claim is worth. Our experience in personal injury cases allows us to uncover all damages incurred by victims in order to maximize compensation. We fight for compensation for current and future financial expenses and non-economic damages.

Whatever questions you may have regarding your accident, schedule a free consultation with an attorney at Injury Lawyers Tucson to discus the specifics of your accident and get answers.

Common questions from motorcycle victims — you may have similar questions to ask of our attorneys.

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What is my claim worth? How much might my settlement be?

What should I do if I am unable to work due to my injury?

What If I was partly at fault for the accident?  Can I still recover compensation?

What if I wasn’t wearing my helmet?

Do I have a case if I wiped out on a highway?

Can you handle a sensitive matter — like if a friend or family member caused an accident?

What will it cost me to retain an attorney for my case?

How long will it take to get compensation?

Tucson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Every motorcycle accident case holds its own specific circumstances, but one thing victims of a motorcycle crash in Tucson have in common: injury victims need a settlement to compensate for damages and losses. This is where Injury Lawyers Tucson can help. Our firm will work with the insurance company, asses the true value of your claim, pursue maximum compensation, and use the legal system to achieve a successful outcome for your personal injury case.


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