Motorcycle riders understand that they should drive defensively on the road with other drivers. It is probably fair to say that many motorcycle crashes aren’t caused by the riders, but instead by other vehicles. If you ride motorcycle, you already most likely engage in practices to keep yourself safe while riding in traffic. There are measures to take in addition to wearing protective gear that may help avoid a motorcycle crash.

Preventing Motorcycle CrashesMotorcycle Accident lawyer in Tucson

Of course a motorcycle rider can’t dodge every accident, but motorists can be aware of avoiding the common causes of crashes:

1. Always obey the rules of the road. 

    • Always following traffic laws will help any driver avoid an accident. Riders who do not display reckless or dangerous driving behaviors are less likely to be involved in a wreck: speeding, driving while impaired with alcohol or drugs, distracted riding.

2. Keep the motorcycle well-maintained

    • Keeping a motorcycle in good condition will ensure that it doesn’t cause a crash. Brakes that fail or poor tires, for example, can lead to an accident and serious injury.
    • Properly service the motorcycle and look into mechanical issues you may notice right away.

3. Be Aware of Traffic at Intersections

    • Take extra caution when driving through or stopping at intersections. Many collisions involving motorcycles happen at intersections. Be watchful when proceeding through an intersection or before moving or turning through.

5. Pay Attention – Be Alert

    • Be watchful of reckless drivers. Often other drivers do not watch for or notice motorcycles, so driving defensively is always a good idea. Other distracted drivers, motorists who violate traffic laws, speeders, and tailgaters can cause a motorcyclist serious harm. Stay alert to road conditions and other drivers.

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Even if you are a responsible and safe motorcyclist, an accident may still happen. If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident and have suffered injury and damages, contact our personal injury legal team. When another motorist is negligent for your injury, there are options for recovering compensation. An attorney will help you file a claim, provide all the necessary legal representation, and secure financial compensation.