Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer
Attorneys for Dog Bite Injuries in Tucson, Arizona

Most dogs are friendly, like this puppy. Unfortunately, dog attacks do happen.

While most canines are friendly, dog attacks can and do happen on a regular basis. The injuries that result from being mauled by a dog can be horrific—sometimes even resulting in permanent disfigurement or disabilities. When this occurs, the animal’s owner should be held accountable for what the dog has done, but this is sometimes easier said than done.

The results of a canine attacks in Tucson aren’t just physically damaging.  Tucson dog bites are also often emotionally traumatizing.  It’s possible to hold the animal’s owner liable for both your physical and emotional damages.  Out Tucson dog bite lawyers can assist you in doing exactly that.  Contact our Tucson dog bite attorney for a free case evaluation. Therefore, you should call us at (520) 779-0777.
A Tucson dog bite attorney from our Tucson Injury Lawyers firm can help you get the settlement you deserve for the canine attack that injured you.  Tucson has a lot of dogs, some are small and some are large, whether the dog was large or small, our Tucson dog attack attorneys can help you prove what happened and ensure that your case is treated fairly.
Dog Bite Injuries in Tucson
Canine-Inflicted Injuries 
Your Tucson personal injury claim will be worked from beginning to end by our Tucson Accident Attorneys and staff.  We will diligently account for all of the injuries caused by the dog attack, as well as the losses and expenses that result from them. Aside from the physical damage caused by a dog bite, you might also experience a substantial amount of emotional trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety related to canines and other animals.  We will look at many angles in helping you discover the extent of the dog bite injuries.
Additionally, mental trauma is also especially likely when the victim is a child.  Children are the age group most likely to be hurt  in a Tucson dog bite injury.  As a parent to a hurt child, you’ll be able to seek compensation on his or her behalf as long as you have parental rights.
Also, a Tucson dog bite attorney from our firm will know how to translate your injury and its repercussions into financial terms.  This allows you to get the settlement you need to pay for your: medical bills, pain and suffering, and your recovery.  Let your settlement be finalized by an experienced attorney who deals with dog injury cases.  You should call our lawyers today.
These are just a few of the wounds most commonly associated with dog attacks in Tucson:
    • Lacerations and punctures, often to the face and hands.
    • Bite marks and scratches.
    • Amputations and long-lasting scars, especially when a child is the victim.
    • Infections, sometimes involving rabies.

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