Tucson residents rely on the city’s public transportation services each day. Generally buses and public transportation in Tucson is a safe and reliable ride. public transportation and bus accident attorneyPublic transportation companies use the “highest degree of care” required to perform services. Like any other vehicle on the road, however, public transportation are susceptible to accidents and people do get hurt and injured.


Injury Lawyers Tucson help victims of accidents involving public transportation. To seek compensation from a liable and responsible party for an injury, contact our Tucson personal injury lawyers.

The best way to recover financial losses due to a bus or public transportation injury is to contact Injury Lawyers Tucson for professional legal representation. Our legal team offers support and experienced legal service to injury victims, and we work through the process with our clients.

Tucson Public Transportation Accident Attorney

Of course public carriers deliver people intending to get therm to a destination safely and quickly. Some people use public transportation daily, and others use it for an occasional ride. Frequent modes of public transportation include:

  • Private Charter bus
  • School bus
  • City transit bus
  • Tucson Streetcar
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Light rail streetcar system
  • Casino bus
  • Entertainment venue transportation
  • Limo services
  • Trains
  • Taxis
  • Uber/Lyft and rideshare

Public Transportation and Bus Accidents

Negligence, human error, or reckless acts can cause accidents and innocent people get injured. Common carrier vehicles tend to be large, transport a large amount of passengers, and often are navigating through an urban area. Severe injuries or wrongful death may result in a public transportation crash.

Causes of public transportation and bus accidents vary, and so do the factors and liable parties that contribute to the accident. Common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Faulty vehicle or repairs
  • A vehicle must be properly repaired and maintained.
  • Drug or Alcohol Use
  • Any driver operating a vehicle impaired by drugs or alcohol may cause an accident causing passenger injury.
  • Vehicle mechanical failures
  • Vehicles may experience engine or complex component failure which may lead to a hazardous situation.
  • Break-down in Procedures
  • Regulations guide operators of public transportation vehicles. An accident can result when a driver deviates from the standard procedures.
  • Operator Error
  • A public transportation driver can make mistakes. A split-second wrong decision or poor judgement may lead to serious consequences.
  • Operator Fatigue
  • Drivers not only need to be awake and alert, but also need to make sure they are not operating the vehicle fatigued.
  • Speed
  • Traveling too fast in public transportation increases the chances of a crash, injury, or wrongful death.

Bus Accident Injury Attorney in Tucson

Arizona crash facts infographicThe bus transit system in Tucson is a safe means of transportation in the city. Many Tucson residents use bus services daily. Bus transit, unfortunately, is not immune to accidents.

If another party is negligent for your injury in a bus accident, you have the right to claim compensation. Damages including medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, or emotional distress are some types of financial compensation you can receive to recover losses.

Protect your right to file a personal injury claim for compensation by contacting Injury Lawyers Tucson. A bus accident lawyer in Tucson will assist you in your case and pursue maximum financial compensation for your injuries suffered in a bus accident.

To schedule a free initial case review and bus accident personal injury consultation with an experienced attorney, call our law firm or fill out and submit a form on this page. Injury Lawyers Tucson legal team provides Tucson residents injured in bus accidents with the legal representation and service required to reach a settlement and achieve the best possible outcome for a case.

Common causes of bus accidents in Tucson that result in injury or wrongful death include:

  • Damaged, dangerous, or unmaintained roadways
  • Distracted driving by bus operator
  • Malfunction of bus equipment
  • Improper maintenance or service of bus
  • Poor weather conditions
  • DUI (driving under the influence) or Reckless driving by the bus driver or other motorists

Contact a Tucson Bus accident Lawyer

Why do you need Injury Lawyers Tucson to represent your bus accident case? We have experience dealing with personal injury cases, and we understand that bus accidents are traumatic. We help and support clients suffering painful physical injuries and overwhelming costs. If another party is negligent for your accident, you have the right to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. One way to ensure that your costs and damages are compensated is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer and Tucson bus accident attorney to maximize your financial recovery.

    • We will communicate and negotiate with insurance companies. Talking to an insurance company without an attorney may result in a denial or limitations in the amount of a payout.
    • The legal team at our firm will execute a detailed and professional investigation into the claim to determine liability and cause.
    • You may be denied compensation if the claim is not filed properly or within a specific time limit from the bus accident.
    • Often clients aren’t aware of the extent of the compensation and the entirety of the impact of damages that they have the right to recover.
    • An attorney will determine the value of your bus accident claim. What is your case worth?
    • Experience matters, and we have helped clients in Tucson injured in bus accidents. To achieve the best possible resolution for your specific case, we know how to successfully navigate the personal injury law and process.
    • As a victim of a bus accident, you focus on recovering from injury. Allow us to focus on recovering the settlement that encompasses the compensation you deserve.

A bus and public transportation accident victim does not have to work through this alone. Do not risk receiving the settlement for damages that you deserve if you go it alone. From our experience in bus and public accident cases in Tucson, clients are often overwhelmed with recovering from their injury and getting on with a “normal” life. Get assistance from our legal team of experts to advocate for your needs and rights.

If you’ve been hurt in a bus or public transportation accident, you probably have a lot of questions that our Tucson personal injury lawyers can help answer:

  • How will I pay for my medical bills?
  • Can I recover compensation for lost wages?
  • Do I need a personal injury lawyer?
  • What is my injury claim worth?
  • Is the insurance company offering me a fair settlement?

Being injured due to a public transportation or bus accident causes physical, emotional, and financial damage. Don’t communicate with insurance companies without the legal representation of an Injury Lawyers Tucson attorney. In order to get your life back on track after an injury, our legal team will commit to pursuing maximum compensation.

Contact our firm to consult with an attorney experienced with the Arizona court system and personal injury case investigations. Our experience and skill allows us  to achieve the most successful outcome for a case. Schedule a free consultation and case review with an attorney.

Tucson residents hurt in a bus or public transportation accident caused by someone else’s negligence call upon Injury Lawyers Tucson to assist with their claim. Let our reputation and our experience and dedication get you what you deserve for any damages or losses due to an accident:

Current and future

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Wages or loss of earning capacity
  • Medical treatments, surgeries
  • Pain and Suffering and emotional distress or trauma
  • Property damage

The process by which Injury Lawyers Tucson provides successful, effective, and professional legal representation for a personal injury claim allows accident victims to recover maximum compensation.

As part of our expert legal services, Injury Lawyers Tucson personal injury attorney will assist you in every step of the legal process to recover a settlement for an injury due to an accident. All negligent parties are expected to compensate a victim for all economic and non-economic damages. These damages include monetary losses and other losses that may not appear to have a dollar value (pain and suffering).


To ensure you receive the best personal injury legal representation in Tucson, contact Injury Lawyers Tucson to schedule a no cost, no-obligation, personal injury case evaluation with an attorney. Accident injury victims call our legal team to get answers to their potential claim. Whether you need a lawyer for a slip and fall injury, vehicle accident injury, dog bite, or premise liability case, call our law firm. 


  Again, many factors may play a role in causing an accident. In order to maximize compensation, an attorney will fully investigate and identify all factors that may have contributed to a crash and injury. In a personal injury claim, a demand for compensation should include the full impact of  injuries. Injury Lawyers Tucson works with doctors to make sure that your injury type, which is central to your claim, will reflect current and future compensation


Tucson Injury Lawyers logoThe Arizona accident attorney team of Injury Lawyers Tucson personal injury professionals are available whenever you need assistance with your accident or injury case. Our personal injury attorneys and staff  encourage communication with clients, as we know successful case resolutions begin with effective legal representation. Our legal team is 100% committed to the needs of our clients and achieving the best possible results for each case.


 Investigating an accident case involves evidence. Our legal team will obtain these key elements to prove an accident injury case. An investigation is necessary in order to obtain the evidence to prove that another party is responsible, or negligent for the accident. Proving another party’s liability requires evidence that our legal team acquires through investigation.

After thoroughly examining evidence and investigating the scene, an attorney at Injury Lawyers Tucson will gather evidence in order to prove a case. An investigation includes:

    • A visit to the accident scene
    • An analysis of the crash site
    • Obtaining all evidence of the accident (photos, videos)
    • Collecting witness statements, police reports, accident reports
    • Obtaining pictures from the accident scene (road signs, road conditions….)
    • Acquiring any evidence pertaining to the specific case
    • Record keeping of all damages
    • Gathering medical evidence of any injury
    • Consulting expert witnesses and crash scene investigators


Injury Lawyers Tucson offers expert legal service. After completing a detailed examination of your case, an attorney will file a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Our legal team will negotiate and communicate with the insurance company and handle every legal aspect of the claim. Our clients focus on recovering from their unfortunate injury. We focus on recovering compensation for damages. 


 Injury Lawyers Tucson will negotiate or litigate to attain the highest possible settlement for your personal injury case. Our experience in personal injury cases allows us to uncover all damages and losses incurred by victims in order to maximize compensation. A settlement needs to include financial and non-economic damages current and future: medical bills, property damage, emotional distress, pain and suffering, or lost wages.

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